Club Membership Package

A Club membership is your ticket to many years of worry-free vacations filled with happy and magical memories.

Go on frequent holidays with your loved ones and experience all the wonders of the world!

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Club Member Ship Benefits

A holiday washes away your stress

When you are on a vacation at a beautiful locale, your body and mind are at rest; plus you get renewed energy when you get quality time with loved ones.

Club Member Ship Benefits

Holidays ensure work life balance

When you take time off for a holiday, you spend time away from the daily grind of work & routine. Holidays bring some much needed work life balance

Club Member Ship Benefits

Holidays increase well-being

According to experts, you can reclaim up to 30% of your fitness just by going on a holiday.


A Holiday Membership, customer buy accommodation for 2 Nights to 9 Nights every year for 3 -15 years. With Lavish Ace Holidays this accommodation can be at one of 101 full service Destinations / Resorts in India and Abroad.

Call: 7228876116
  • You can select Holiday package for 3 - 15 Years of Membership Package.
  • Unique MLM Holiday Product
  • Highly Valuable, We can show/sale this package worth Rs. 40,000 - 60,000
  • Low costing product and High Profitable Product
  • Different varieties like Accommodation for 2 Adults or 4 Adults
  • Providing Membership card for Registration
  • Can split the 7 days into 2 or even 3 holidays throughout the year